Under The Mask book cover
Inside Feelings

In Under The Mask: Inside Feelings, The Superheroes are BACK in a FREE story to tell us how they are dealing with their sadness, anger and worry during lockdown!


I think this is one of the best books I have ever encountered for the valuable life skills it can teach the children in our care. With its insightful, careful wording and beautiful illustrations it is really accessible to children across all stages of primary school.

Review: "Valuable life skills for children", InTouch Magazine Jan/Feb 2020, p67

The Irish Times

Emma Cahill is an Irish primary school teacher and author of the Children’s Mental Health Book Under the Mask available now on Amazon.co.uk

Article: "Irish teacher in Brazil: ‘Miss, there’s a poisonous snake’"

Wexford People

A Wexford author is generating a considerable amount of praise for her latest publication, a children's book focusing on mental health.

Article: "New book is a conversation starter for young children"

Beat 102 103

It features three superheroes who help children recognize and deal with the emotions of anger, sadness and worry.

Listen to the interview: "Under The Mask", Sunday Grill with Orla Rapple

Keith Duffy

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Gorgeous, subtle way of teaching children valuable coping mechanisms for everyday life.
Emma highlights the importance of talking about your emotions and reminds children that everybody has emotions, it’s about learning healthy ways to deal with them.
It’s beyond beautiful to see these wonderful messages being passed to our younger generation.

Keith Duffy, Singer-Songwriter

Dr. Clodagh Feehan

A wonderfully accessible resource that normalises emotions in a fun & engaging way. Ollie and the superheroes will help children manage their feelings by teaching practical skills that can be used in everyday life.

Dr. Clodagh Feehan, Child Clinical Psychologist

Marty Guilfoyle

This book is a Mental Health Masterpiece! All children need to have this in their collection. Relatable Superheroes teaching kids simple steps to build their resilience while teaching valuable lessions about their Mental Health is heartwarming and essential for the world we live in.

Marty Guilfoyle, Broadcaster and DJ

Under The Mask book cover